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Welcome - 12/19/00
Hello everyone, and welcome to my website.  I hope you enjoy the website, to find out what exactly SimToons are, go to the About page.  If you would like to see the SimToons that are on this site, go to the Galleries page, where all the SimToons are neatly categorized.  If you have made a SimToon of your own (learn how to on the About page), and would like to have it put on this site, go to the Submit page to learn how.
While you are visiting the site, don't forget to sign the Guestbook and participate in the poll.  Please support the site by going to the online store to make any game or hardware purchases from Chips & Bits, or signing up for CashFiesta (Remember to put DCN under the referred by field), a get paid to surf service.  If you encounter any problems with the website, or would just like to send a comment, please feel free to E-mail me.

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