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About SimToons
So, what exactly is a SimToon?  Well, basically, SimToons are funny screenshots taken from The Sims (learn more about this game below), they can be screenshots of unusual and funny things that happen in the game, or regular screenshots that you edit to be funny.  Go to the Galleries section to see some examples.  

About The Sims
The Sims is a game from Maxis.  You control a neighborhood of sims (Computer people). It has three modes of play.  In the Build and Live mode, you build your sims' houses and homes.  In the Buy mode, you buy the furniture for their houses.  To learn more about The Sims, go to the Official The Sims Website.

About other games from maxis
In addition to The Sims, Maxis has developed many other great Games, including the Sim City series, with Sim City, Sim City 2000, and Sim City 3000, where you build cities; Sim Theme Park, where, you guessed it!, you build theme parks; and the yet to be released Simsville

How to make and submit a simtoon
Basically, to make and submit a SimToon, you need to take a screenshot in-game, find the picture file, do any necessary editing using a program like Paint or Paint Shop Pro, then submit the SimToon.  For a more detailed guide to making SimToons and a list of resources for making them, go to A Guide to Making SimToons.

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